The National Malaria Control Programme of the Ghana Health Service has donated 100 Insecticide Treated  Mosquito Nets, ITNs, to Joy In Giving Foundation in Accra.

The gesture is in support of the foundation’s upcoming project, which will ensure the orphans at the Volta Home Orphanage at Ve-Deme in the Volta Region have a good night’s sleep in a conducive environment.

A good night’s sleep means no chance for mosquitoes to bite thus preventing malaria at the orphanage.
Controlling and preventing malaria is in line with the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals. This is why the National Malaria Control Programme is aiming to get about 80% of the Ghanaian population to sleep under treated bed nets.

Charity Ambassador Tina Muulikaa (Right) receiving the bed nets

A Charity Ambassador for Joy In Giving Foundation, Miss Ernestina Muulikaa, received the bed nets.

The treated bed nets will help in achieving the overall objective of the foundation’s project which includes renovating the dormitories of the Volta Home Orphanage which are currently in a very poor state and also providing bunk beds with accompanying bedclothes.

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