Our Charity Ambassadors create awareness about our projects.

  • They are representatives of our foundation because they understand and appreciate what we do.
  • They also assist in raising funds to support our projects

Ernestina Muulikaa, also known as Tina, was appointed Charity Ambassador in January 2018. As a Joy In Giving Charity Ambassador, she helps in raising awareness on the need to extend love to orphans and under-privilege children in Ghana.

She also uses her role to help raise funds for the execution of projects aimed at putting smiles on the faces of the children we reach out to.

She personally loves to share with the needy and has on some occasions, celebrated her birthday with orphans in the country.

Prior to gaining the status of Charity Ambassador, Ms. Muulikaa followed every Joy In Giving activity with keen interest and willingly traveled with the team to the Volta Home Orphanage for its 2017 project.

She remarked after the visit- “This is a good project and  I am glad I was there to lend my support “

About Tina Muulikaa

Miss Muulikaa is a journalist, development communicator, and entrepreneur who is committed to bringing positive change in her environment and beyond.

She is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Northern Hut Company Limited which she founded.

She also served as Head of Marketing at Eclipse Broadcasting Network, EBN, in Accra in 2017.

As a journalist, Miss Muulikaa worked at TV3 Network and Joy FM where she reported on some social and political issues.