Malaria Prevention In a conducive Environment
This project is twofold: to prevent malaria at the Volta Home Orphanage to help achieve the global target of MDG goal 6 which aims at eliminating malaria, HIV, and other diseases, and to transform the poor state of the dormitories into a conducive environment that will ensure the children have better sleep for good health.

The project would involve renovating the boys’ and girls’ dormitories at the orphanage and providing about thirty  (30) bunk beds with mattresses and accompanying bedclothes.

Insecticide Treated Nets will also be made available for all the rooms.

Currently, all six-bedroom dormitories do not have beds. The children sleep on old and bug-infested mattresses. The floor and lower parts of the walls of the rooms are in bad shape due to flooding anytime it rains heavily.

We want to ensure the children at the orphanage enjoy a good night’s sleep devoid of mosquito bites and malaria so they can wake up, refreshed and energized each morning, ready to take on the day’s activities.

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