“Joycome” to Joy 

You are here! You made no mistake at all. You are here because you love charity and like to give, or you want to know more about giving, or perhaps you just want to know all about this foundation. Whatever the reason,  you made a good choice.

On behalf of the team, I say “joycome” to our website. We hope to serve you interesting stories on what we do and more.

It has been a busy yet relaxing year for the Joy In Giving Team. Yes! We all made time in the face of busy schedules at our various workplaces and even homes, to get our project for 2018  implemented. 90% of the work was done through communication on the phone- thanks to today’s technology. Now I can gladly report that we have presented fifty dual desks and four whiteboards to the Volta Home orphanage at VeDeme in the Afadjato District of the Volta Region.  Kudos Team A! Sorry we do not have  Team B.  I have provided some links at the end of this article just for you, in case you missed any of the stories carried online or broadcast on TV.

It was our second official trip from Accra to VeDeme. For some of the volunteers, however, it was their first time visiting the Volta Region and they looked forward to the trip with so much joy. They will share their experiences with you later.

The Volta Region of Ghana has a lot of tourist attractions. It has also been tagged the “World Bank” of one of the big political parties but this is not my focus as I welcome you here.

So back to our trip, I’m sure you must be wondering why we travel more than four hours from Accra to VeDeme and why that orphanage in particular.  Truth is, you are not alone. Many people have asked me the same question severally and have even suggested orphanages in Accra and other regions to me.

Well, let me give you the answer in our subsequent posts. Just make sure you frequent this page for more.

For now, we only want to “joycome” you and this special welcome is also straight from our hearts.





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