Each child at the Volta Home Orphanage at Vedeme in the Volta Region of Ghana has received a set of brand-new bath towels and insecticide-treated nets. The gesture is by Exclusive Towel Boutique and the  National Malaria Control Program of the Ghana Health Service.

The owner of Exclusive Towel Boutique, Miss Harriet Ashong, donated fifty assorted bath towels to help promote hygiene conditions at the orphanage.

Towels absorb a lot of water and can remain damp for hours, making them a perfect breeding ground for germs. This is why towels need to be washed and changed often, especially towels used by children.

The presentation of 100 insecticide-treated bed nets to the Volta Home, is part of a nationwide campaign to reach a zero-malaria target in Ghana and to achieve the global target of the MDG goal 6, which aims at eliminating malaria, HIV, and other diseases.

According to the WHO, malaria remains a major cause of illness and death in Ghana, particularly among children and pregnant women. The disease remains the highest expenditure in the National Health Insurance scheme.

Joy in Giving Charity Ambassador,  Miss Tina Muulikaa, presented the bath towels and bed nets to Volta Home Orphanage coordinator, Mr. Charles Annabi. Click to watch the video version.